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Kaionza Project

After the civil war, the economy of Rwanda is recovering especially in the tourism sector.
With this in mind, our project has several aims:

  1. To offer young adults educational opportunities in an off-center area near the AKAGERA National Park, bordering Tanzania, an area overwhelmed with rural poverty.
  2. To create professional profiles through collaboration with the University of Rwanda and an Italian catering school.
  3. To create youth employment.
  4. To promote the dissemination of clean energy and new eco-friendly technologies based only on local products and goods.
  5. To create a micro-economy within the project during the construction process as well as the launching of the school, combining teaching with a catering school structure with low maintenance costs, as the work force would be provided by the students themselves. 6) To implement courses and activities focused on organic agriculture whose products will be used by the catering school as well as the local market. 

Today, the regional economy is based solely on rustic activities. In the future, it may diversify into the services/commerce as a result of the tourism promoted by the catering school and the neighboring national park.
Local educators/teachers will gain expertise through collaboration with the University of Rwanda and the partnerships with the Italian catering school. The young adults will be able to become professionals in their local community; today, secondary school facilities are found only in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.
The project promotes the autonomy and development of an economically strategic area that lacks infrastructure. Additionally, focus on the agriculture could introduce organic farming practices, and in the long-term address problems of land erosion and poor crop yield.  Restaurant and catering school activities will create a synergy that will help enhance and maximize the local economy.