EN Inshuti Projects

Inshuti's projects

These are long-term initiatives with a specific and often quite high budget: they need a proper business plan and long burocracy to be held on.

Running projects

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Women House

The women house aims to build a Work Cooperative: a safe place where to find an asylum, sanitary and economical help.

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Kaionza Project

A project focused on the creation of a Professional Tourism School in Kayonza to promote local education as well as touristic campaigns in the beautiful land of Rwanda.

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Off-road project

In Africa an off-road vehicle can save a life: it is essential to give medical assistence in time.

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Italy Farm

A micro-economy project for small farms: resources to improve local land business

Completed projects

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Primary School in Rukore

Inshuti inaugurated the RUKORE primary school in 2011: it houses 500 children, most of them travels 5-6 km by feet everyday just to attend it. The new building was entirely donated by Albonetti family from La Spezia, Italy.